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We use Innovative Timing Systems hardware and software to time your race. The advantages to you are :

  • State of the art timing system by Innovative Timing Systems 
  • Start and Finish lines can be up to 15 feet wide 
  • No dangerous mats or ramps for athletes to trip/slip on 
  • 30ft chip read range - no foot or pedal dragging 
  • Disposable chips for all race types 
  • Read accuracy up to 1,000th of a second 
  • Disposable chips that work in rain, mud, and snow 
  • Ideal for Marathons, Triathlons, Cycling, and more 
  • Announcer screens for race staff and PA announcer 
  • Real-time results that can be viewed at any time
  • Real-time messages to mobile phones 
  • Live updates to your web site with race results 
  • Personal, Professional Service 
  • Extreme flexibility to handle any kind of race! 
  • Scaleable and economic to meet your specific needs. 


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